Our website is in transition: Adam's Thai massage making way for Adam and Rachael's retreat space.  The new pages are grouped in their own menu.  Some of the old pages are out of date, however I will resume Thai massage once we no longer have to wear masks.

My story

I worked for 15 years in a busy corporate software development company.  I enjoyed the mentally stimulating working environment, and the satisfaction of completing a project with challenging deadlines.  But after a few years, I began to wonder whether it was really giving me fulfilment.  They were good employers, but like any corporate firm, the overriding objective was making money, often for people who had plenty already.  What's more, I was increasingly finding that the pressure and the hours sitting at a computer were making me less happy and healthy.

It took me a long time to get there, but Yoga and Thai massage had the answer.  They have given me a new career that I find rewarding at a personal level — helping people be healthier and deal with the stresses of life.  However, they have given me something even more valuable: a tool to change my life.  Our modern lives, analysing, fixing, rushing, stressing, deadlines, they can create a crazy stuffed up sensation in your mind, and tension in your body.

Yoga practice, with its particular breathing and mental approach clears the mind, leaving me refreshed and feeling great.