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Thai massage

Thai massage is a natural therapy to promote your health.  Using stretching, acupressure and mobilising techniques, I release tightness in your body.  Improved mobility and circulation allow the body to heal itself.

Everyone can benefit from Thai massage therapy, because we all have blockages and tension in our body.  Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.  Bring comfy clothes, lie down, relax, and leave the rest to me.

Often clients leave feeling a big relief from tension they weren't even aware they were holding.


News: my classes are now open to all

£3 per class
£10 annual membership buy online before class

Fridays until 23rd March then intermittent
9.15-10.15 Invigorating Flow
10.20-11.20 Chill/Beginner

Quaker Studio, Pleasance

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About Yoga

A Yoga class is an exercise workout unlike any other.  The popular image of Yoga is that it helps flexibility — and it will — plus also strength, posture and balance.  What's more Yoga is done with a particular way of breathing, which helps calm the mind and promote easier stronger breath.  But none of these is really the goal.

Giving back

I am deeply grateful to generations of Thai Medicine Doctors who have developed the system of massage that I use in my treatments.  Whenever I go back to Thailand I take all the donations I have collected and give back to good causes.  A modest sum of money for us can make a big difference to ordinary Thai people.

Please help if you can

  • My massage prices are on a sliding scale so please contribute the extra donation if you can afford it.
  • Buy Thai products, and every penny goes back to Thailand.


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