Our website is in transition: Adam's Thai massage making way for Adam and Rachael's retreat space.  The new pages are grouped in their own menu.  Some of the old pages are out of date, however I will resume Thai massage once we no longer have to wear masks.

Follow the story of our community retreat space in mid-Wales
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Rachael and Adam are in the process of creating a "retreat space", sharing our house with anyone who is interested in what we do. Each person will create their own retreat programme based on their interests and experience. We can guide those who aren't used to retreats, but there won't be much formal teaching.

We hope that people will love the beautiful, peaceful natural environment. We will be enthusiastically welcoming visitors as soon as we are ready, first day visitors and later staying guests too. We have plans in case the restrictions continue, including outdoor meeting areas sheltered from the elements and self-contained guest accommodation.

I have put my teaching on hold for a year or two to become a student again.  After exploring many schools in the UK, I  finally found what I was looking for on my travels.  The Atman Federation is an international organisation teaching traditional Yoga as a life-transforming spiritual practice.

The weekly class has a progressive theory element that continues for over 20 years.  The teachings are rigorous, effective and based on ancient texts.  The teachers are exemplary in their own practice and the class price very affordable.  If you are interested in taking your Yoga practice deeper beyond the typical modern Yoga trend to be a fitness class then here is your chance.

Thai massage is a natural therapy to promote your health.  Using stretching, acupressure and mobilising techniques, I release tightness in your body.  Improved mobility and circulation allow the body to heal itself.

Everyone can benefit from Thai massage therapy, because we all have blockages and tension in our body.  Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.  Bring comfy clothes, lie down, relax, and leave the rest to me.

Often clients leave feeling a big relief from tension they weren't even aware they were holding.