• Looking down on the house from the orchard
    Looking down on the house from the orchard
  • A frosty morning
    A frosty morning
  • Icy treetops
    Icy treetops
  • Stream through the woods
    Stream through the woods
  • Autumn sunshine
    Autumn sunshine
  • Paddocks and woods
    Paddocks and woods
  • Far-reaching views
    Far-reaching views
  • Serenity in the woods
    Serenity in the woods

Based near Welshpool, a small town in mid-Wales, our Retreat Space is surrounded by the beautiful and uplifting energies of nature.

The grounds include beautiful native woodland which we fell in love with on our first visit. We are blessed with a sparkling stream, sunny south-facing slopes and an orchard. There is a vegetable plot and a beautiful garden is gradually evolving. Buzzards circle overhead, grey wagtails are often flitting about by the stream and see a plethora of other birds and wildlife around the grounds. We border an ancient hill fort managed by the Woodland Trust, renowned for bluebells in Spring, with gorgeous colours in Autumn.

During winter we hear the tawny owls hooting away during our morning practice. In summer, we love to practice outdoors warmed by the rising sun. For wetter days, we are building meditation huts and canvas roofs so we can still enjoy being in nature.

Whatever the time of you, you are likely to feel tensions melt away as you feast on the fresh air and tranquil sounds of nature.