Visiting Us

We are not yet formally open to the public.  While we are creating the retreat space, we are accepting a few guests if we already have a connection.  Please be sympathetic to aspects still under development and help us learn to be better.

We have a self-contained Guest Suite for times when lockdown rules forbid mixing indoors.

  • Wood anenome during spring
    Wood anenome during spring

Join us before our official opening and help plant the seeds of a thriving spiritual community.  At a practical level we welcome volunteers, who might build a yoga platform, plant a hedge and wash the dishes.  If you prefer to spend your time in spiritual practice, we thank you for subtle work to create the atmosphere of peace, harmony and openness.

At the end of your retreat, please share your ideas on exciting future projects and priority problems to fix.  We hope that your stay deeply refreshes you from the tranquil natural beauty, friendship, and the satisfaction making a meaningful contribution.


We don't offer formal teaching so you will need to have some experience.  If you are confident for an hour of self-guided practice then we can most likely guide you to expand this into your own retreat program – we can discuss this before you book.  The support of the community daily routine makes it easier for visitors to adapt to retreat life.  The most important ingredient for you to bring is enthusiasm.


All our retreats are full-catered (sorry no self-catering option).  We nourish our bodies with hearty and healthy vegetarian food packed with fresh veggies, grains, nuts and seeds.  We ask all visitors to avoid any alcohol, tobacco, coffee, meat or fish for the duration of the retreat.  We can cater for most food allergies and special diets with many vegan/gluten free recipes up our sleeves.

Joining in

The members of our community share a passion to embrace a simple, healthy and productive daily life.  We invite people from all backgrounds to join us if they share an enthusiasm for joining our life rhythm.  We have retreat options both with Karma Yoga (volunteer work) and without – with a reduced price for workers.

We aim to make a little corner of paradise, however it can also be a little challenging to let go of certain habits and comforts.  We all support each other to live the retreat life, making it much easier than solo practice in your own home.  For this reason, we ask all our guests to make a certain commitment, which we will explain in more detail if you are interested.  It may seem a sacrifice to go without meat, caffeine or internet for a while, but our experience is that it results in a deeper and more fulfilling retreat experience.

We entirely understand if the idea of commitment and challenge sounds a bit much.  Maybe you are really looking for a relaxing break?  That's great too and you will find plenty of other places suitable for that.


Simply bring yourself and personal effects.  We provide food, bedding and Yoga/meditation equipment. 

We are based near Welshpool, in Powys, Wales.  For those of you coming from England, it's far quieter here yet only around 5 miles from the border.  We can pick you up from Welshpool station which has good connections.  If you prefer to drive, we are fairly close to major roads and have some parking.


We are fortunate to have some financial stability from our earlier careers.  We're now putting that money and our time into the retreat space, aiming to help as many people as possible.  Eventually, we plan to register as a Charity or "Not for Profit".

We aim to keep the costs of your stay modest, with several options depending on how much you would like to contribute to the practical and spiritual running of the community while you are here. Please contact us if you are interested and we will explain in more detail.