Our website is in transition: Adam's Thai massage making way for Adam and Rachael's retreat space.  The new pages are grouped in their own menu.  Some of the old pages are out of date, however I will resume Thai massage once we no longer have to wear masks.

Visiting Us

  • Yoga room
    Yoga room

We are creating the space and not yet formally open

If you are interested in helping us get up and running then please contact us.  It's a chance for you to help plant the seed that we hope will grow into a thriving spiritual community helping hundreds of guests.  Rest assured that the building itself is in good condition however it was a family home with equestrian facilities.  Our work now is to change the atmosphere to sustain retreats.  There is great scope for creativity both indoors and out.

During the creation phase, the daily routine has more emphasis on work and less on relaxing.  The facilities are adequate but more basic.  We are not yet experienced as hosts so please help us learn to be better.  The cost of your stay is covered by your work.

We have created self-contained guest accommodation to give us the best possible chance to be open during the ever-changing lockdown regulations.  Food is included and we will eat outdoors or separately if the rules require it.


We are based near Welshpool, in Powys, Wales.  For those of you coming from England, it's far quieter here yet only around 5 miles from the border.  We can pick you up from Welshpool station which has good connections.  If you prefer to drive, we are fairly close to major roads and have some parking however note that we would normally not use cars whilst on retreat.


We are fortunate to have some financial stability from our earlier careers.  We're now putting that money and our time into the retreat space, aiming to help as many people as possible.  Once we get going we plan to register as a Charity or "Not for Profit".   The income from retreats covers only the running costs for the community, so the cost is modest.

Prices will be flexible according to means – if you can afford it we ask you to pay a little more so that someone who is hard up can come.