Thai massage

Thai massage is on hold during the restrictions - I will resume once we no longer have to wear masks

  • Shoulder stretch
    Shoulder stretch
  • Thumbing the back
    Thumbing the back
  • Release shoulders
    Release shoulders

Thai massage is a natural therapy to promote your health.  Using stretching, acupressure and mobilising techniques, I release tightness in your body.  Improved mobility and circulation allow the body to heal itself.

Everyone can benefit from Thai massage therapy, because we all have blockages and tension in our body.  Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.  Bring comfy clothes, lie down, relax, and leave the rest to me.

Often clients leave feeling a big relief from tension they weren't even aware they were holding.

At the start of your first appointment, I'll talk with you to find out what you'd like to focus on and the treatment is tailored to your priorities and needs.  As I work on your body, I'll feel what areas need releasing.  Here are some common reasons that people come for massage:

  • Therapeutic massage: for muscle pain or restricted mobility
  • Sports massage: help your body to move freely and stay healthy
  • General massage: relax, release tension, rejuvenate
  • Massage for Yoga: open tight and sore areas to help with your difficult poses