About Us

  • Rachael and Adam
    Rachael and Adam

The Retreat Space was started by Adam and Rachael who swapped their city-centre flat for a house with land in the countryside.  This was a landmark in our shared journey, affirming new priorities in our life.

When we bought the Edinburgh place together we each had busy jobs with big corporations.  Our mutual interest in the outdoors was expressed in walking holidays.  Rachael's manual creativity was expressed in DIY, her love of nature in our small garden.  Adam's interest in Yoga was for fitness/relaxation and in massage as a regular client.

Gradually our priorities changed.  Adam became a Yoga teacher and Thai massage therapist.  Rachael worked for a charity leading groups in woodland management and craftwork.  We became less connected to city life and yearned for peace and space.  We felt healthier and more fulfilled through helping others and transforming ourselves.

As we pursued this path, we realised that we wished to share it with others.  We were inspired with the idea to buy a house in the countryside, big enough to share with others and offering guests a peaceful space amongst the uplifting energies of nature.  To our surprise we realised that we had built up between us a good set of skills for our new idea.

We started our spiritual journeys in very different places. Rachael has been rooted in the Christian tradition for as long as she can remember. Adam could never make sense of what he was being told by mainstream religion, then became very interested in the philosophical teachings of the Yoga system.  Our ideas have converged, thanks to our wonderful teachers who embrace many different paths leading to a common goal.

Who knows where the next stage will take us. What we do know is that we feel a strong sense of purpose in being where we are and in creating the space to explore the deeper aspects of life with others.