I have moved to rural Shropshire.  I'm not currently offering massage appointments during Coronavirus.  Please do get in touch to say hello or join my newsletter if you would like to receive updates.

Thanks to teachers

I am grateful to the dedicated and knowledgeable teachers who have shared their knowledge with me.

    Thai massage

    Thank you so much to Lan at Sawadee Thai Spa (Stirling) for sharing knowledge gained from years of study with Thai masters that would be inaccessible to a foreigner not fluent in Thai.  Thank you also for amazing treatments to help me stay healthy.

      I am deeply grateful to Kei and Hoeyyn at Shivago Thai School who shared with me their knowledge of traditional Thai Massage, gleaned from many years of study with masters in Thailand. They helped me to understand how to feel the subtleties of the human body so that massage can be so much more than just a fixed sequence.

      Thank you to my Teachers in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Ajahn Pichest, Thai Healing Arts Association, Ajahn Sinchai, and on intensive massage retreats in SE Asia: Thai Massage circus, Sunshine network.


      Many thanks to Yvonne Austen and Cathy Swan who offered so much time and wisdom on my teacher training with Yoga Scotland.