Daily Life

We are not yet formally open to the public.  While we are creating the retreat space, we are accepting a few guests if we already have a connection.  Please be sympathetic to aspects still under development and help us learn to be better.

We have a self-contained Guest Suite for times when lockdown rules forbid mixing indoors.

  • Peaceful spot in the woods
    Peaceful spot in the woods

The members of our community share a passion to embrace a simple, healthy and productive life.  We joyfully let go of some of the complications and “attachments” of the modern world to turn our focus more inwards.  A typical day includes:

  • meditation, contemplation, or prayer (personal practice – not taught)
  • yoga asana or other exercise for physical health
  • “Karma Yoga”: serving the community with household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, gardening, DIY
  • enjoying nature
  • reduced Internet and no TV

Many people in the West seek contentment mostly by changing the outer circumstances.  We aim to let the outside world fall into a simple pattern, then relax and let go of our worries.  We seek to do everything full of enthusiasm and aspiration.  As the mind becomes quieter we start to see our deeper needs; to discover what actions and choices will fulfil our heart.

If you are interested, please get in touch or read more about visiting us.


We find that it helps to establish a daily rhythm, allowing flexibility to adapt as necessary.  We encourage guests to join some of the practice times however your are free to create your own schedule.  We aim to all arrive punctually for lunch, keeping the other meals flexible within the time range.

06:00 Meditation
06:30 Yoga / personal retreat
08:00 Self-service breakfast (until 10:00)
10:30 Work period or personal retreat
13:20 Meditation
14:00 Communal lunch
15:00 Work period or personal retreat
19:00 Self-service light supper (until 20:00)
20:00 Meditation
20:30 Personal retreat / relaxation
22:00 Quiet period starts