Coming for massage

Thai massage is on hold during the restrictions - I will resume once we no longer have to wear masks

If you've never had Thai massage - or not even any massage - it's perfectly natural to be nervous or uncertain about the experience.  I have found that it helps clients to have a clear understanding about will happen.  In fact your part is really easy, you can't go wrong - just lie down, and leave it all to me.

  • You can either arrive in your comfy clothes or change in the bathroom. By comfy clothes I just mean something with room to stretch and not too many buttons or zips - no need to buy anything special.
  • I'll welcome you into the massage room and offer you a drink of water - it's good to keep well hydrated for massage.
  • On your first visit, I'll chat to you about your state of health and what benefits you are looking for from the massage.  Quite often, my clients have a particular part of their body need attention (or several parts!), or you can have a more general massage.  I'll get you to fill in a confidential health form to make sure I know about any conditions that might affect the treatment.  On subsequent visits we'll have a shorter chat so you can bring me up to date with any changes.
  • I'll start the treatment with gentle techniques.  This allows you to get used to the feeling of receiving massage and allows me to sense what your body needs.
  • Normally we'll continue to chat during the massage, then after a while you will become relaxed and we'll become quieter.  However you can always ask questions or guide me: more/less pressure; skip something that feels wrong /repeat something that feels great.
  • At the end, we have a quick chat about how you are feeling.  If you wish, I can show you some stretches that will help you.  You can have another drink of water.  This time ensures your mind has woken up from the relaxed state and that you are safe to travel.

It's your massage, and we'll do whatever you need to be comfortable.

  • The room is quite warm, but if you become cold, I'll cover you with a blanket.
  • There are cushions,  bolsters and pillows to help you find a comfortable position.
  • We can always take a break for you to stretch out, drink, or go to the loo.