I have moved to rural Shropshire.  I'm not currently offering massage appointments during Coronavirus.  Please do get in touch to say hello or join my newsletter if you would like to receive updates.

Lynne Turnbull

Now that I've left Edinburgh, I recommend Lynne for any of my clients who would like a similar style of massage.  Like me she completed a basic massage training and wanted to learn more.  In Thailand there is a big different between relaxing massage, based on a sequence, and therapeutic massage to help relieve pain and injuries.

Lynne came to me for ongoing training in the traditional way — just two students working with the teacher.  I helped her to refine her ability to feel the tensions in the body and structure a treatment for specific problems and needs of each client.  If you like that feeling from my massage of "sore but good/safe" then I would definitely recommend her.

  • Contact & Location: Healthy Life Centre Edinburgh
  • Hours: Monday 10.45am - 2.30pm (5pm & 5.30pm on request), Thursdays 1.30pm - 5.00pm (12pm on request)
  • Price: £45 - 1 hour session / £60 - 90 min session
  • Call/text Lynne on 07502 241699

Lynne Turnbull - Bio

My massage journey began in October 2016 when I started my Thai Yoga Massage Diploma at Thai Massage Training Scotland.  At the time my interests were more aligned with yoga, having practised for 20-plus years.  I chose to do the Diploma as a stepping stone to teaching yoga - I wanted to learn how to move and hold people’s bodies; how to connect with them and protect them.

I grew to love the practice of Thai massage - the way it grounds both giver and receiver allowing each to come back down into their body, letting the thinking mind settle and the body’s natural healing mechanisms arise.

In my practice I create a safe space where we will work together to discover your needs.  I will listen to what you say, as well as what your body is telling me on that particular day.  We will establish which areas you feel need attention (maybe finding others along the way!) and the level of pressure you prefer.  I am just as happy to work gently as I am to work at a deeper, more intense level - it’s up to you and how you feel on the day.

Other elements of my life that influence my massage practice are my daily Qi Gong sessions, my Reiki Level 2 training and being a mother to my wonderful 5 year old daughter, which is a daily practice in loving kindness (read: patience!)   

Since completing my Thai Yoga Massage Diploma I have had the great pleasure and immense good fortune of having Adam as my teacher since summer 2018.