Our website is in transition: Adam's Thai massage making way for Adam and Rachael's retreat space.  The new pages are grouped in their own menu.  Some of the old pages are out of date, however I will resume Thai massage once we no longer have to wear masks.

Sports massage

As a sportsperson, whether casual, dedicated or professional, you will likely be aware of the demands your sport places on the body.  There may be specific muscles that get tight from overuse and others that are prone to injury.  It's easy for the body to get unbalanced from practising particular movements repeatedly but their natural companion movements rarely.

Thai massage therapy can help your body stay healthy and happy:

  • release blockages and tension in your body so you can move freely and confidently
  • improve flexibility
  • reduce chance of injuries.

If you are physically active, then in between sit at a desk or in a car, then you likely have deep tension in your buttocks and thighs.  This in turn can lead to pain and injuries in the knees and lower back, when the tight muscles pull the joints out of natural alignment.  The treatment can be sore at the time, but I predict you will feel great immediately after.