I have moved to rural Shropshire.  I'm not currently offering massage appointments during Coronavirus.  Please do get in touch to say hello or join my newsletter if you would like to receive updates.

Self-massage workshop

  • Massage outside of leg
  • Self-massage
  • Roller for under shoulder

Release your weight into balls and rollers and let your tension melt away.  Deeply relaxing on the day, and learn some techniques you can use in daily life.

Self-massage can unlock the parts of your body you find hard to release with stretching, and help with muscular aches and pains.  Great for anyone, but please ask first for any existing illness or if pregnant.  No prior experience of self-massage or knowledge of Yoga is needed.

Look after your own body

If you learn to massage your own body, then you can get massage any time you need it.  You can control the perfect pressure depending on how sensitive each part of your body feels.

I have taught many of my clients and friends just one or two simple techniques that they use regularly to manage a niggling injury or tight area.  People do the exercise because in 5 minutes they make a real difference to their health.  Each person needs a different technique, depending on their body.  My job is to help you to find the technique that your body needs.

Don't worry, it's much easier to learn to massage yourself than to work on someone else because on your own body you can directly feel the sensations from the massage.


There are various books and classes about "body rolling", and some people perceive it as being a bit brutal!  My self-massage method is based on the principles I have learnt to massage others.

  • Carefully regulated pressure to challenge the body without being so intense to cause you to tighten up.
  • Longer holds allow the muscles time to discover how to let go.
  • Whole body relaxation using gravity rather than using muscular force.

Find out more in words and videos.


The aims of the workshop are twofold.  Firstly to learn some general techniques.  And secondly to find how to access the particular parts of your body that tend to get tight.  I keep class numbers small, because the second part works best with some one-to-one help from a knowledgeable massage therapist.


The techniques are suitable for everyone — you don't have to be flexible or fit.  The class mostly involves lying down and relaxing into the pressure of your ball or roller.  If you have an injury or illness, please contact me before coming along.


Coming soon.

What to bring

Bring warmer layers than you would for Yoga, as the class is very passive and relaxing.  Everything else is provided.  Balls and rollers will be available for sale after class.