I have moved to rural Shropshire.  I'm not currently offering massage appointments during Coronavirus.  Please do get in touch to say hello or join my newsletter if you would like to receive updates.


My base price is £30 per hour.  My clients tell me that's too cheap, but the truth is that I don't need more.  I'm lucky to have a spare room in my house that I can use for massage, and I don't have a lot of desire to spend money.  I like to make the health benefits of massage therapy available to as many people as possible.

On the other hand, there are many people in Thailand who would get a big benefit from some financial help.  Most therapists in Edinburgh charge £40 or more.  If you can afford the extra, please make a donation.  Every penny goes directly to good causes in Thailand — where your £10 is more than many people earn in one day.

Gift vouchers available.


£5 for herbal ball massage, to cover cost of importing from Thailand.